Macor is a glass ceramic with the characteristics that it can be machined with standard metal working tools. Its working temperature can reach up to 1.000ºC. It is also an excellent insulator at high voltages and it does not outgas in vacuum environments.


  The mix of Zirconia and Alumina has intermediate properties in between those of the two materials. For instance, adding a small amount of zirconia to an alumina the toughness of the resulting alumina compound improves.  

Zirconia Oxide

  Zirconia has a unique crystal structure that makes it extremely tough. This crystal structure prevents crack growth it its interior giving zirconia an excellent mechanical strength and impact resistance. Zirconia parts are ideal for extreme environments, particularly when there are impacts. Zirconias principal characteristics are: Toughness Mechanical Strength Heat …

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Alumina Oxide

  Alumina oxide is used in general purpose applications demanding high wear resistance and electrical insulator. The characteristics of Steelceram’s alumina oxide are presented here: